Mr. Prafulla Kumar Singh


Born and brought up in Jamshedpur, a natural topper in academics, Mr. Singh has completed his Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras with Hons and also completed his post graduation in Finance and Marketing from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Working with companies like TCS, Schlumberger, CSC and Neilsoft, Mr. Singh climbed the ladder of the corporate world with ease due to his expertise and knowledge in the field of work. Mr. Singh along with his wife founded the Head Over Heels brand in 2011. A sharp learner and a voracious reader Mr. Singh is keen to bring a strong change in the education field. This has brought him to start Head Over Heels Learning center where children are getting ready not just for today’s technological advancements but also are prepared for future emotional and social challenges. Mr. Singh is also a co-founder at Honeycomb Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Mrs. Kavitha Krishnamurthy Singh


Born in the metro city of Mumbai, Kavitha as she would like to be called has always enjoyed the company of children. Completing her commerce graduation, computer management and her Masters in Human Resource Development and Management from Mumbai University, she has had the opportunity to work with giant banks like ICICI Bank and Barclays Bank. Having worked extensively in the field of quality and process management, her eagerness to understand a child’s needs has always taken priority. Kavitha also completed a private course in child psychology under the able guidance of Dr. Pradnya Mukherjee. Head Over Heels Learning center has always been her dream project. Having great respect for children and their view points, she intends to make Head Over Heels Learning center a place where children are able to identify their talent and become better citizens. Kavitha is an ardent blogger. She also conducts surveys on education with parents and children to understand what they look for in the education system. Head Over Heels Learning center has considered all of these aspects while designing and planning the curriculum. Kavitha is also the HR Director at Honeycomb Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Padmashree Ballal


Born and brought up in the heart of Pune, “Padmajiji” as she is fondly called, has educated herself in multiple facets. After completing her Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology she also went on to become a Doctor of Naturopathy. A Bachelor of Science in Zoology shows us her humble side towards animals. Her enthusiasm to be with children got her to complete her Bachelors in Education, specializing in Science and Math. Since then Padmajiji has been a part of many schools like, Kangaroo kids, Aman Setu and The Kalyani School. She has committed herself to serving various prominent roles in these schools apart from being a mentor and guide. Padmajiji has also completed courses on school communication, inclusive learning and mathematical concepts. Padmajiji is instrumental in conducting workshops for parents and teachers on academics and life skill management. She now leads Head Over Heels Learning center and is devoted to making children become responsible individuals.