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A child’s learning experience begins at birth. The most important aspect of this learning, however, is the routine.

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Is your little one around 5 months of age ? Are you looking to get back to work again?

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Our tie up spree is back and this time its yummy fresh salad on board

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Head Over Heels is in the process of spreading the importance of knowledge building by looking to register for a larger level of schooling.


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  • Parents Speak

    We asked ‘V’ today – ” Kisne tumko tel (oil) lagaya?”
    She replied –”Papa”
    Mother’s reaction on reading the above – Wow .. that’s what we were waiting for …. Firstly, Thank you so much for sharing all details. I’m so surprised about how you all keep track of small things for each kid. Kids activities which looks normal to someone, are actually so important and special to their parents. Most importantly, you understand the values of it and share it, I really appreciate you for this.
    - Shefali Sukhwani – Mother of 1.5 year old
  • Parents Speak

    It’s been an amazing journey for me, and I am saying this from the eyes of my daughter who is 22 months now. Aaravi stepped into Head Over Heels at 16 months and these 6 months have been a great period for her upbringing. She has learnt so many beautiful things, new words, actions. It makes me so glad when she sings the rhymes and does actions for them with me at home.
    I think Head Over Heels has played and will play a crucial role in Aaravi’s development, be it in recognizing names/people/ dancing to songs etc, she has been growing into a beautiful child and all thanks to Head Over Heels.
    All is great and I am happy to choose Head Over Heels for my child’s development. HOH Rocks!!!!
    - Sureeti Saraf – Mother of 2year old
  • Parents Speak

    It’s now a month since my son Arav has been under your care and I must say, my satisfaction level has really increased if compared it with the 1st week.
    The first thing which impressed me about this day care is the lovely affection showed by managers towards the each and every kid (which I haven’t seen in other). Overall environment was really good and encouraging for the kids.
    The other thing I liked that, managers are also taking initiative to feed the kids if helpers are not able to do it or if the helper staff is busy doing some other stuff. Very high rank to Priya and you.
    Complaints rather concerns are even accepted with smiling face and from positive point of view.
    - Vinaya Upadhye – Mother of 10 month old
  • Parents Speak

    It has been a year of association for us with Head Over Heels.
    Malya’s first school 🙂 She has learnt a lot from school. She has good friends whose names she even calls in her sleep 🙂
    Thank you for building this confidence and trust.
    We are able to concentrate and do our work at office only because of your support. I dont bother about my daughter when I am at work.

    It has been great for us. All I can say is a big THANK YOU for all your affection, love and support..
    My sincere thanks to all her teachers and care takers for doing this for her.
    - Daya Raghav – Mother of 2.5 year old
  • Parents Speak

    When we started searching day care for Aarav it was a wild chase and I was not sure of starting my job. Head Over Heels was one of the few day cares we visited and soon we realized that this could be a place where we can leave Aarav. Initial acclimatization period was tough but the feeling that Aarav is in safe hands encouraged me to start over my job again.
    Since last 2 years we are associated with HOH and it is a wonderful experience. I can say that HOH is the one of the major support to allow me to start job all over again. Last but not the least Aarav’s learning and complete personality growth at HOH assured us that it was a good decision.
    - Satyakam & Saumya Rai – Parents of 3.5yr old
  • Parents Speak

    We have been with Head Over Heels (HOH) for over two years and feel and believe we have taken to right decision to stay with them. The best thing about HOH is the approach to teaching kids the basics. I was appalled to see that some pre-primary schools were using” technology” to teach children as young as 2 and 3 yrs old rather than connecting with them. This is exactly what HOH does – connects to the child in a way that the child wants to go back the next day.
    When it comes to children, their wellbeing is at the top of parents’ minds and HOH kind of gives me the assurance that my daughter will be well looked after, whether at school or day care.
    - Trupti Untawale

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